The MX-LOCare™ GPS  Safety Watch is a personal emergency safety device that creates safer boundaries for those that live or work in accidental or unlawful situations.  It also reduces the risk of elopement to a cognitively impaired individual by alerting caregivers or loved ones of their location if a wandering episode were to happen.


A mobile personal emergency response system, optional panic alert, fitness tracker and GPS personal locator all rolled up in one, the MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch offers an unobtrusive SOS alert device for those who may feel vulnerable where they live or work.


Monitoring option will be available by a UL approved 3rd party medical alert central monitoring company with 24-hour response (coming April 2017).  The MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch can be tailored to suit the individual and easily adapted as their needs change.


How does it work?


MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch uses GPS, Cellular, and Wifi technology to accurately pinpoint the location of wearer anytime and anyplace. The integrated app (iPhone and Android) connects directly with Watch to provide an immediate location of the wearer.  Located on the side of the watch, the SOS panic alert button is programmed to either contact predesignated caregivers or optional central monitoring operator (coming 2017).


When the alert button is pressed, it connects to the party, putting the wearer in contact with a loved one or trained operator who will assess the situation and contact the necessary responder to assist, such as a family member, facility administrator or emergency services.

  • Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, the operator is able to accurately locate the wearer and direct their caregivers/ responders to the precise location.
  • With open voice communication, the wearer can also speak directly with the caregiver or operator.
  • Each Watch is supplied with a pre-configured SIM card and will operate where there is GSM mobile network coverage.
  • The SOS Button has a deactivation option which would allow the user not to use this feature.

Who is it for?

  • Elderly
  • People living with cognitive disorders such as autism or Alzheimer’s
  • Those who want extra reassurance while at home, work and out in the community
  • People living with a physical disability
  • People living with chronic disease
  • People who require immediate emergency assistance in an emergency situation
  • People who work alone, travel regularly or work in potentially hazardous and unlawful environment

MX-LOCARE™  GPS Safety Watch (BR-2)

  • Provides an easy to use SOS Panic button
  • Can be used outside of the home, where there is mobile network coverage
  • Programmable safe zone, to raise an alert when the wearer leaves a specified area
  • Destination alert, to advise when the wearer reaches a programmed destination
  • Open voice communication, allowing the wearer to speak directly with a caregiver or operator
  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking to accurately locate the wearer, even indoors or heavily built-up areas
  • Map location and street address provided on the activation of an alert
  • Water resistant enabling it to be worn at all times
  • Auto-presence alerting to ensure the watch is active and in-range
  • NEW magnetic battery charging technology


Cellular Service Plan Information


Please note the cellular service plans for the MX-LOCare GPS Safety Watch are sold separately. Once you receive your MX-LOCare GPS Safety Watch you will be asked to go to our Adiant Mobile website and click “Activate” to select the best cellular service plan that fits your needs.  There are no long-term contracts but there is a one-time activation fee that is processed at the time you are signing up for the service plan.  By clicking on the “Activate” link, you will also have the option to add additional talk time minutes as well as order additional accessories for your Watch.


Cellular Service Plan Options:


  • One Month Cellular Voice/Data Service Plan includes 60min of Voice and unlimited data per month – $29.95 per month
  • Three Month Cellular Voice/Data Service Plan includes 60 mins of Voice and unlimited data per month – $89.85 per quarter
  • Annual Cellular Voice/Data Service Plan includes 60 Voice Minutes and unlimited data – $299.85 annually


**Please note there will be a one time $50.00 Activation Fee in order to activate your MX-LOCare GPS Watch with NO long-term service contracts!


Please note: As the MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch should be used primarily as a Safety Communication Device for those at risk individuals that live, work or play in accidental or unlawful situations, we want to make sure that you recognize that the Watch is for that purpose. We do not recommend using the Watch as a cell phone but for personal emergency situations for two reasons:


  • Your subscription allows you for 60 talk time minutes per month. Additional plans are available to acquire more talk time minutes per month if needed.
  • If you go beyond the 60 talk time minutes per month you will be billed at an additional .40 per minute. Our automated usage monitoring system updates frequently and will automatically notify caregivers via email or text if your monthly talk time minutes have been utilized and recommend that you purchase additional minutes on the Adiant Mobile website by clicking on “Activate”.


We want your user experience to be extremely positive and look forward to serving you and the ones you care about the most to the best of our efforts!

MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch