Simplify My Meds is a turnkey adherence program developed for the exclusive use of members of the National Community Pharmacists Association.  The program provides NCPA members with the tools and training needed to help them implement a coordinated refill program in their pharmacy.  Simplify My Meds is a personalized service based on the idea of "refill synchronization," a concept in which all of a patient's prescriptions are coordinated to be refilled on the same day each month.


The concept of "refill synchronization" was successfully developed in 1996 by a pharmacist-owner in Long Beach, CA, and improves medication adherence by reducing gaps in therapy and promoting monthly medication counseling.  Synchronization also revolutionizes pharmacy operations by changing the dispensing function from a reactive operation to a proactive process based on increased pharmacy efficiency, more predictable daily workloads, and tighter inventory control.

Medication Reconciliation -- The process of identifying the most accurate list of all medications that the patient is taking, including name, dosage, frequency, and route, by comparing the medical record to an external list of medications obtained from a patient, hospital, or other provider.